Australian Institute of Architecture – Raising the green Bar & 5×4

Posted on: November 19th, 2013 by Barley Store

The Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architecture last week held an event at the 5×4 Hayes Lane Project Site in East Melbourne.
Under the Sustainable Architecture Forum, ‘Raising the Green Bar,’ the 5×4 Hayes Lane Project was presented to the attending members of the Australian Institute of Architecture.
Craig Chatman (ARKit, Project Architect & Builder) along with Ralph Alphonso (Barley Store & Client/Project Manager) presented to the AIA members, their perspective and insights on the Project.

Craig’s presentation:

  • Introduction of the Design & Construction company ARKit – a hybrid prefabrication company which is combining architectural services, project management and manufacturing.
  • The local history of prefabrication buildings which show a rapid expansion in Australia during the last 10 years.
  • Discussion of the Design Overview including:
    -the way how to reduce emission of greenhouse gases
    -how to provide low impact, low cost residential buildings to manage urban sprawl
    -demonstrate to consumers and property developer markets how attractive and affordable sustainable solutions can be
    -demonstrate the self-sufficient of residential accommodations in energy requirements, water requirement and waste manage

  • The stair circulation options
  • The 10 Principles and Objectives of One Planet Living
  • Identify how the 5×4 project could respond to the One Planet Living principles
  • ARKit considered a variety of possible sustainable materials for the building
  • Presentation of Dr. Robert Crawford’s calculation of the total life cycle embodied energy of each system
  • Please download Craig’s Presentation Notes below

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