5x4 Hayes Lane
Project Mission

The motivation for the 5x4 Hayes Lane Project is to utilise a small, urban footprint of land to construct a livable dwelling. Whilst maximising the use of the limited space, the building does not sacrifice functionality and an aesthetically grounded contemporary design. Because this project is experimental and innovative, all the designs, processes and materials are shared here to benefit the entire construction industry.

The knowledge gained throughout the build process can be used as a vehicle to showcase, demonstrate and inform.

The 5x4 Hayes Lane Project's endeavours to do all this in a environmentally responsible manner, looking at the whole life cycle of the dwelling - from conception to decommission.

The project has brought together various specialists in their respective fields to contribute to the success of achieving these goals.

"This mission statement was written in 2011 and I would like to think we are on the right path."
Ralph Alphonso