The Couch

Posted on: May 14th, 2015 by Barley Store

The Couch/Dining room table has been custom made to fit the building.
The piece had to be compact and needed to be used as both a couch and a table. The solution was a roll-over design, created by owner-builder Ralph. Both Ralph and 2nd Chance Tables built the piece of furniture together.

The fabric for the couch and pillows were supplied by Woven Image. The couch fabric is 100% wool, and Comer and King chose the black and blue colours of the piece.

The upholstery of the couch, including the cushions, was done by Martel.

The upholstery is attached to the piece using velcro.

The ‘roll over couch’ is only waiting on its tabletop, cushions and stools before it is ready to be installed.

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