Drouin West Timber & Truss Pty Ltd (DWTT) is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated Roof Trusses, Floor Trusses & Wall Frames and the revolutionary panelised building system called FutureFit™.

The 5x4 Project team partnered with DWTT – FutureFit™ to design and build all walls, floors and roof as panelised components. This system employs state of the art machinery to prefabricate panels fitted with a variety of external wall claddings, flooring and windows to achieve lock-up status in days.

FutureFit™ prefabricated Panels are built with unequalled quality and accurately and craned into position onsite to ‘Fit’ perfectly.

FutureFit™ saves time, money & worry, is the way of the ‘Future’ and is here today.

DWTT – FutureFit™