Testing Stage 1… Automation system

Posted on: February 22nd, 2014 by Barley Store

It’s approx. 6:15am on 12th December 2013.
I am in the Qantas Lounge at Melbourne Airport on my way to Sydney
Leaving Home at 5:15am this morning on a last minute business tip had me stretched thin.
I had to put on a load of washing, make sure i locked the door/windows switched all the lights off… the list goes on.

After checking in and sitting down to have some breakfast in the Lounge, I was also able to have piece of mind regarding the lights and appliances at home. The system by Zoo Automation is installed and being tested for the 5×4 Project.

The short video shows how i am able to see what is on… then;
*switch off the ensuite exhaust fan… I couldn’t leave the window open!!!!
*take the TV/Stereo off stanby mode… Saving power.
*take the washing machine off stanby after the wash cycle… Yes, i remembered to put the washing on… Once again saving power.

The theory of automation systems in the 5×4 Project supporting sustainable lifestyle, is an easy connection for me to see.

I can’t wait to test more of the features of the Zoo Automation System.

Ralph Alphonso.

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