Cleaning Products – Good for our bodies, our clothes and the environment!

Posted on: January 19th, 2015 by Barley Store

A large part of the 5×4 Project is considering the overall life cycle of the building, so the lifestyle of its residents is very important if the Project is going to be successful. The personal care and cleaning products used in everyday life need to be environmentally developed, with sustainability paramount in their process.
Other things to be considered with these products are the effect they will have once they are washed down the drain, and whether the plastic that their containers are made from is recycled and recyclable!
We have contacted body-care, washing and cleaning companies, and have received support from Nature’s Organics and their Earth’s Choice range, Laundress detergents, as well as Burt’s Bees’ body care range. Whilst these fantastic companies are not the only environmentally conscious companies on the market, we thank them for their support.

Nature’s Organic
Earth’s Choice
Nature’s Organic donated many products from their Earth’s Choice range, including dish washing liquid, multi-purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, hand soap, and shampoo and conditioner. Whilst all the building is happening on site, this product range is helping keep the test site clean, with the DishWash Liquid and Concentrate being a particular stand-out.


Washing machine detergents
Laundress has supplied us with a sample from each one of their ranges, with a particular emphasis on the fabric care. Their sustainably-made washing machine detergents are excellent, separating into light and dark washes, as well as fabric conditioners.


Burt’s Bees
Body care
Burt’s Bees have sent us an assortment of their products, including body lotion, day and night cream, toner, eye cream and face scrubs. These fantastic products are currently being tested and enjoyed by the friends and family of the 5×4 Project.


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