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Posted on: October 28th, 2015 by Barley Store

Here is a bit of information on Diamond Energy, our energy retailers that are up to a whole heap of good.

Diamond Energy

Diamond Energy

Diamond Energy started in 2004 with a small, passionate team and a vision to “generate change”. Their first step was to develop their own Greenpower Accredited renewable generators which continue to operate in Northern Victoria.

When complex climate change and renewable energy political debates started advancing, it became clear that new, clean and efficient renewable generation was going to play an increasing role in Australia’s future energy mix and a major role in helping combat climate change, ahead of old and tired coal generation.
The big electricity retailers are being challenged with new demands from homes and businesses starting to take control of their energy spend by going solar. Within this time of progression Diamond Energy identified an opportunity to create a unique business – an electricity retailer supporting renewable generation derived from Australia’s pure, natural resources.

Today, in addition to their own renewable generators, they support other innovative renewable technologies including solar energy, bio-energy, wind energy and wave energy. They source electricity from these various projects and balance it with their customers’ usage, with the aim to source more electricity from renewable generators than the total amount consumed by their customers. Their environmental performance is supported by numerous awards including their high ranking in the Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide.

Their passion and ongoing support for renewables has enabled them to create a team and partners with extensive knowledge and experience in the renewable industry. For example, working with their solar partners, they help customers enjoy hassle free transition to solar to ensure they get the most out of their solar investment.
Here are just a few reasons why we have chosen Diamond Energy:
They are truly passionate about renewable energies.
They offer great rates with no hidden charges.
They are real people with personalised service.
They provide you with smart tips and have an experienced team with extensive solar knowledge.
If you are considering solar Diamond Energy can help you understand your options, provide you with smart tips and ensure you have a hassle free transition with many years of solar electricity from your rooftop!
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