Bathrooms and Tiling

Posted on: February 24th, 2015 by Barley Store

The all-important bathrooms are being installed and tiled. The en-suite bathroom is now beginning to look like a bathroom, having been kitted out with a shower head, sink, taps, and a toilet. The downstairs bathroom is a complete wet bathroom, meaning that it is waterproofed and tiled all the way up to the ceiling.

Both bathrooms are a space-conscious design – very small areas to work with! They both incorporate a shower and a toilet at very close quarters, which feels odd at first – however toilets are waterproof, and you don’t usually use both at the same time!
The bathroom furniture is created by Azzura, which is known for its water efficient products. We’ve installed the Cal toilet, which has an average flush of 2.2 litres of water. To know more about the technology used, visit Low Dual Flushing System.
We’ve also used the Azzura cirque 420 basin, franc basin mixer, franc shower mixer, and bella showerhead.


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