Redwater Australia


The Redwater Diverter is a low impact water-saving plumbing device that features patented energy efficient technology.

Cost effective & easy to install, this innovative diverter saves any cool water left in the hot water line that would otherwise be lost down the drain, without the need for electricity or user intervention. This cool water can then be diverted into a tank for re-use.

Compatible with various types of plumbing systems throughout the world, including those with low water pressure issues, this noise-free device doesn’t require a water pump, electricity, electronic sensors or pressurised bladders, which makes it an economical and efficient choice for households & businesses. Importantly, the Redwater Diverter saves approximately 16,000 litres of potable water per annum in an average-sized home with four occupants. Winner of the Save Water Awards 2012 , the Redwater Diverter is changing the way the world is saving water.

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