Nature is an important part of Swedish life and caring for the environment has always been an integral part of ASKO's culture.

They do not only consider efficiency in use, but how little they waste in production, whilst their products are in use, and when the products are disposed of.

Their products are some of the most efficient on the market, saving precious energy resources and energy costs.

ASKO believes in their products so much that they have supplied the 5x4 building with an oven, an induction cooktop, a rangehood, a dishwasher, a washing machine and a heat-pump dryer. All these high quality, energy efficient appliance are helping the 5x4 building run as sustainably as possible.

For more information on all the appliances ASKO have supplied, head to the 'Our Appliances' post in our Project Diary.
Alternatively, see their full range at